Pre-treatment Advice and Aftercare

Spray Tan

1. If you are a tanning junkie, make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid build up as several layers of tan can result in an uneven result. Use a body scrub or loofah in the shower the night before to remove all dead skin cells paying particular attention to the knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

2. Moisturise well for a few days prior to your tan to smooth any dry areas but do not moisturise on the day of tanning as this will clog the skin's pores and minimise penetration of tanning solution.

3. Remove make-up and deodorant prior to treatment as this can lead to discolouration.

4. Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops at your tanning session.

5. Wax or shave 24 hours before your tan.

6. Do not exercise or anything that would cause you to sweat after your tan for at least 8 hours and do not do anything that would get you wet i.e. washing the dishes.

7. Shower your tan off in a minimum of 6 hours and for best results leave 12 hours. Do not soak in a hot bath as this will remove your tan quicker and use mild shower products.

8. To maintain your tan you need to moisturise after every shower excessively. Tans always look better on hydrated smooth skin and this will prolong the length of your tan and invest in a tan extender.

9. To remove your tan altogether when its come to the last patches left, usually heels, hands, etc. the easiest way is to moisturise your body in baby oil, leave it for a couple of hours and then have a hot bath and either use a loofah mitt or dry towel and scrub everything off. All gone and ready for another spray tan!!


Q) Will my spray tan protect me from the sun?

A) No - You must still wear adequate SPF

Q) How brown will I go?

A) Everybodys skin develops to its own individual colour. Some people will go very dark and others will get just a glow. Suntana Tan comes in 3 natural looking shades so ther is 1 for every skin type.

Q) How long will it last?

A) Depending on how well you prepare and take care of your tan afterwards. About 5-10 days

IBX Treatment - Revolutionary New Nail Strengthener A natural nail strengthener to be used on its own or acting as a protective shield under all gel polishes. For first time users ?7.00 plus any other treatments. Ongoing treatments as a strengthener or under gel polish ?5.00

Callus Peel -  


How long does it take?

To treat both feet, it takes only 20 minutes - 15 minutes for the patches to soften the skin and 5 minutes for the rest of the treatment.

How often should I have a treatment?

We recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks, although results are seen after the first treatment. Is it safe? Yes. Callus Peel use cosmetic ingredients only.

Is it hygienic?

Yes. Your beauty therapist is fully qualified and will know all the procedures for hygiene. The Callus Peel Skin Softener (sachets) are individually packaged. The scraper, that is used to remove the callus, can be sterilised. The Foot File has replaceable pads.

What are the main ingredients? Aqua, Glycerin, Nonoxynol-12, Carbomer, Ethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Tataric Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyroglutamic Acid, Ethoxy Digycol.? Don't be alarmed by these as we use AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) on your face! Does the treatment hurt? No, it doesn't hurt at all - on the contrary. If feels like your are receiving a reflexology treatment. It will only hurt if you have cuts on your skin. Dry cracks are fine, as long as they are not weeping/bleeding.

Any side effects?

None, as Callus Peel is only for callused/dry areas on the feet.

Why do calluses appear?

Pressure applied to the feet over time causes the skin to harden and calluses to appear.


I long for...

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Problem lashes (short/gaps) 

State of the art individual last extensions.

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Can be kept natural or boosted for added glamour 

Lasts  up to 8 weeks

Maintenance required

Professional infill and removal recommended o keep lashes looking their best 

A short term fix

Express Treatment £20.00 

Special Occasions


Problem lashes (Short/Gaps) 

Depending on the look you're seeking to create, your technician will apply strips, individual extensions or lash fillers (clusters) for an impactful finishLonger, thicker lashes tailored to your desired look

Lasts from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on style applied

Low to medium maintenance

Professional or at-home removal options available 

A natural solution

LVL enhance treatment £32.50 or 2 for £50.00 


Special Occasions


Revolutionary treatment that adds length, volume and lift to your natural lashes

Creating an enhanced look, LVL lifts the lashes from the root for the appearance of added length and volume

Additional lash tint creates a mascara-like effect

Effect lasts for 6-8 weeks

Low maintenance

Use Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum to keep your lashed looking great for longer